Instagram Bot Updated

Instagram has grown from 80 million users to 100 million users in less than half a year. People are still trying to figure out how to market to this rapidly growing social network and we’ve got everything you need to know. Did you know that Instagram has more daily active users than Twitter? If you made sick amounts of money with Twitter, then you’re not going to believe how much money you can earn with Instagram.

Aready Been Tested!
We tested this internally and with just 10-20 minutes a day of work have grown account to over 100k followers in a matter of days. Yes, days people want to follow you and love what you post. They will comment and like your photos. You can get them off of the instagram platform and into your offer path with ease.


Enough chatter. You already feel the power of InstaBot, right? Well, here’s the full list of features of our incredible software:
Scrape users by hash tag, popular pages, followers of accounts, followings of accounts
Mass follow users
Intelligent unfollow functionality
Mass Comment/Like photos
Smart Spintax compatible
Scrape Flickr & Pinterest photos
Easily upload photos onto numerous accounts instantly
Proprietary auto-watermarking feature
Drip feed your photo uploads to appear active
Scheduler for every task mentioned above
Delays to appear natural
Lightweight – no software installations
Free lifetime upgrades
One-time fee

…and more!